Noi, meaning “we” or “us” in Italian, is a Contemporary Italian concept that offers diners a chance to get up close and personal with Chef Paulo to learn about his culinary heritage and passion for high quality ingredients sourced from artisanal producers. Welcome to Noi!

To Chef Paulo, “food is creativity and to eat is culture”. Instead of following trends, Chef Paulo’s cuisine is guided by his philosophy of honouring high-quality, seasonal produce from small suppliers and artisans around the world by turning each ingredient into a tribute to the farmers and the natural habitats they’ve come from. At the heart of his cuisine are the Italian traditions he grew up with, but Chef Paulo also experiments with taste, scents, and cooking methods and techniques to create unique and unexpected dishes that draw both from his childhood and his ongoing culinary journey. He is dedicated to providing his guests with the best of the best: not only is he involved in every step of his restaurant’s processes, from food and wine to music and interiors, but he also makes sure to create new and surprising dishes to look forward to at each visit.

Our Space

Noi is located in Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, a landmark at the edge of Victoria Harbour. We have an open kitchen where you can appreciate all the elaborations performed by our team. The restaurant is divided into two key zones: an Italian style dining room named Italian Silhouette with a total capacity of 22 covers, and the Doodle Garden, a more casual breakout lounge featuring a wine bar and panoramic views of Hong Kong.


Paulo Airaudo

I was born in the city of Córdoba, Argentina, to a family of Italian immigrants. When I was 18 I decided to start a new adventure, and left my hometown to chase my dreams. I have worked all over the world, from Mexico and Peru to Europe. In Europe I gained experience in legendary restaurants like Arzak in San Sebastián, The Fat Duck in London and Magnolia in Italy. In May 2015 I opened La Bottega, a modern Italian trattoria that gained its first Michelin star less than 6 months after opening.

In July 2020 I moved the restaurant to overlook La Concha Bay and after 4 months we were awarded with our first MICHELIN star, which became two Michelin stars in December 2021. After 18 years cooking and searching for culinary excellence around the world , I’m taking the next step of my culinary adventure at my new Asian flagship restaurant Noi.

Head Chef

Luigi Troiano

Luigi, a native of Benevento, Italy, began his culinary foray amidst the grandeur of 5-star hotels.

This foundational journey instilled in him a philosophy centered on precision, elegance and a deep respect for ingredients. His undeniable prowess soon propelled him into the realm of Michelin-starred gastronomy. With the invaluable support of talented head chef Luigi Troiano and under the guidance of Noi's owner, Chef Paulo Airaudo, together they achieved the remarkable feat of earning two Michelin stars shortly after opening in November 2022, cementing the restaurant's reputation.

Our Choice

Our menu

Our goal is to offer a unique experience, creating perfect harmony between seasonal products and techniques in the kitchen, expressing our culinary philosophy to its maximum. To carry out our mission, we have chosen to serve tasting menus to all our diners.

Delighted Taste of Noi

HDK 1888

Signature Seasonal Menu

HKD 2800

Our pairings

Our range of drinks have been designed to perfectly highlight and complement each dish.

Drinks pairings formulas start at 580 HKD for lunch and 900 HKD for dinner